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About Us.

Our Story

At Pace Financial Advisors (PFA), our focus is to provide excellent financial services to our clients! The history of our name started 15 years ago, when Jeffrey Eischen was first introduced to how important a pace is during a race.

In 2005, Jeff participated in The Hood to Coast relay running race. This competition is 199 miles long and is run by a team of 12 people. Each racer takes 3 legs of varying length over a 24-30 hour timeline to complete the full distance from Mt. Hood to Seaside! Jeff is not a runner by nature, but he was inspired to compete by the most amazing runner he knows – his wife, Mandy.

The first leg of the race was exciting; however, Jeff’s knowledge of pace and strategy wasn’t as advanced as Mandy’s yet. He quickly sprinted out after the handoff, passing 12 runners right away. He was excited by his progress.

However, as Jeff passed an older runner, the man warned him, “Careful on the pace young man.” Jeff was eventually passed by over 40 runners – including the 12 runners he’d passed at the start of the race. This was his first introduction to the concept and importance of pace.

Fast forward 15 years, and Jeff has learned that pace is even more important in our daily lives and our finances!

Often, we want to race to the finish line and accomplish our financial goals as soon as possible. However, a great financial foundation takes time and work! That’s why we named our company Pace Financial Advisors.

Meet the Team

Jeffrey Eischen

Financial Advisor / Founder

Jeremiah Eischen

Chief Compliance Officer

Nathan Bauer

Financial Advisor

Christopher Mettee

Financial Advisor

Brad Mellinger

Financial Advisor

Aaron Molstad

Financial Advisor

TJ Walker

Financial Advisor

Zachary Moore

Financial Advisor

Grant Lawton

Financial Advisor

Debbie Taggart

Advisor Assistant

Jayne Kight

Advisor Assistant

Lisa Caraway

Advisor Assistant

Josh Kailiuli

Advisor Assistant



In the financial world, it is critical to trust the process and avoid making financial decisions based on emotions.



A great process that isn’t maintained will eventually fall short. Accountability ensures you stick to the plan.



Decisions and actions that are made without understanding can be costly and damaging. It’s important to make sure you’re clear on the details before making a decision.



Having a map is great, but not if you don’t use it! After all the plans are made, the most critical piece is to execute them.

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